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Teach Quran Online and earn money | Online Quran Teaching Jobs UK, USA & Canada

Career opportunities at The Quran Courses Academy are available for Quran teachers online from Arab countries. We hire male and female teachers.

Quran Teacher job

They must have the following elements:

1- Having memorized the entire Qur’an (with or without Sanad)

2- Must be able to speak English correctly to teach.

3- Well aware of Tajweed rules and can teach in English.

4- Have a laptop and headphones with a very good internet connection.

5- Good profile in their country, have experience and proof of national identity.

6- Must pass the test performed at The Quran Courses Academy for recruitment reasons.

Career for Egyptian Quran Teachers

We are also recruiting male and female teachers from Egypt.

The criteria are the same as above with some additional conditions and changes in the nature of the job and the hours of work. Quran Teachers are supposed to contact us and be interviewed.

Candidates interested in a career are invited to send their resume to info@thequrancourses.com or fill out this form.

Online Quran teaching jobs in USA & UK

Looking for online Quran teaching or online Quran tutor jobs, kindly apply here


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