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Quran for Females

Quran for Females

God set the equality rule between men and women which was not so common at the time or place the Holy Quran was bestowed upon our prophet Mohamed, peace be upon him. He said that man and woman are equal in rights and duties. And learning the Quran is an integral part of the life of every true Muslim believer. There is no difference in punishment or reward whether you are a man or a woman when it comes to Islam.

Understanding the Quran and learning to recite the Quran radiates guidance and light into the life of every modern Muslim. Our online staff includes highly qualified female tutors who offer Arabic learning courses to our female learners. This will help our learners better understand the basics and rules of the Arabic language through a flexible online schedule to teach Arabic in no time, bearing in mind that all tutors are very good in English which is perfect for easy and clear communication.

Learn Quran Online For Females

Our online Quran classes can be set to better suit your time schedule and learning needs as a part of our Quran home tuition.  Our tutors are all Azhar graduates and will explain everything that you need to know about learning the Quran and its holy verses.

Islam is a religion for all ages and places. And women still struggle for acquiring their rights in today’s modern world. Our Quran courses for females will help our mothers and daughters to find an easy and suitable way to learn the Quran online through an easy platform.


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