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#1 Best Online Quran Academy

The Quran Courses Academy is the Best Online Quran Academy Whether you are a beginner who wanna learn how to read Quran online or you wanna teach your kids the Quran in a professional manner, you have come to the right place. We have designed this course in such a way that it covers all aspects of basic and advanced Quran learning.


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The features of our online Quran Academy:

The best way for beginners to study Quran online is to register at The Quran Courses Academy which is the Best Online Quran Academy in 2022 according to Trustpilot reviews.
But what makes us the best online Quran academy globally?
We have passed this iconic course to meet all essential requirements for students who wish to learn Quran online.

Highly professional Quran teachers to effectively teach Quran!

We have set up a remarkable online platform for learning to read Quran online and you have come to the world’s number one site. The most accessible way to learn the basics of the Quran reading online.

• The Quran Courses Academy has recruited a large group of native Arabic teachers who are highly qualified and apply modern technology that will allow beginners to learn remotely.

• After passing various selection and interview tests, each tutor recruited by The Quran Courses Academy is competent. They complete the Ijazah certification for teaching Noorani Qaida and Noor Al Bayan, the most fundamental lesson for beginners and children.

• The majority of tutors are graduates of world-renowned Islamic centers and top sacred institutes such as Al Azhar University.

• Having a business on Tajweed and learning the basics of the Quran is possible under the supervision of our highly qualified teacher with many benefits. The tutor will make sure to maintain the daily practice of the recitation and you will also understand the meaning of ayah.

• To maintain the interest of beginners in Quran learning classes, tutors have been trained in special methodologies and tactics to provide the most attractive Quran classes for children.

The Prophet (PBUH) received his first revelation from Allah SWT through the angel Jibreel. Therefore, it is very important to learn Quran for children, beginners, and adults after listening to it by a competent certified expert.

A comprehensive personalized plan for each student to learn Quran online:

• Each beginner intending to enroll in this course will be assessed on their previous order on various aspects of learning the Quran. After finalizing the current student status, we will design a special personalized plan for each student separately.

• The teacher assigned to train a particular student will design a personalized plan for their student. This way every beginner will receive individual attention, unlike physical lessons where the teacher’s attention is dispersed in a large class.

• For example, if the person has some knowledge of the Arabic alphabet, then their skills of learning Makharij and Tajweed will be better. The tutor will compose a different structure of the course to teach him the basics of the Quran.

What will you learn in our best online Quran academy?

In order to make the course effective, we have designed the course according to professional planning. We finalized the lesson plan after collecting suggestions and ideas from world-famous Islamic scholars.

  • The basis of the course consists of the two best books available for this course:
  • Noorani Qaida
  • Noor Al Bayan
  • These books include several topics for learning Quran online for beginners.
  • The subject of the Arabic alphabet
  • Understanding Membership Letters
  • The movements of Dammah, Fatha, and Kasrah.
  • Explanatory lesson on movements and tanween together
  • The sixth lesson is about standing movements
  • Learn extended words
  • The Shaddah
  • The merging of sounds
  • Practice the exercise with interesting tests

24/7 online customer to assist you to learn Quran faster:

• Learners are free to choose the learning time. The flexibility of time for learning to recite the Quran for beginners is one of the striking features of our Quran learning courses.

• Time is a crucial aspect to consider when learning the Quran is your priority. Well, time is not a constraint when you start to learn Quran at a beginner level. We will provide you with recorded lectures and course content around the clock so that you can memorize and learn whenever you have free time.

• The Quran Courses Academy has recruited dozens of tutors who will be available at variable hours for 24 hours. This way, students will be helped to stay consistent with the topics learned in class.

Daily Reporting about your progress in learning Quran online:

• In order to keep an eye on your progress in the Quran course for beginners, we will send you the report of your results to improve your performance.

• Most parents who are curious about their progress will be notified of their child’s progress report.

• Our professional Quran tutors will get in touch with parents and provide them with feedback regarding their children’s performance.

• The main advantage of this report is that the students can assess themselves and the teacher’s remarks will allow the beginner to work on his weak points and improve quickly towards his stages of learning the Quran.

1 to 1 interactive Quran classes Online with the Best Quran Academy:

• In order to provide our online Quran lessons for beginners, we have selected the Zoom application which is available free of charge worldwide for online sessions. Besides the free access, there are countless features available in this app that will make the user easier.

• An important feature of the Zoom app is screen sharing whereby the tutor can write and clarify things for the students. Moreover, the fonts, sizes, and colors can be adjusted and make things stand out for beginners.

• Teachers can interact with students via video calls and teach live. Educational resources are supported by this app as videos from various other sites can be played and engage students in learning sessions.

• It ranked among the best sites for interactive online courses, especially during the duration of a pandemic.

Modification of the best online Quran Academy with various quizzes:

• Quran learning session for beginners and children requires special attention to make it interesting, knowledgeable, and productive for them. Therefore, we have entered very influential activities to change the skills of children and beginners.

• We have designed a potentially enjoyable but informative Quran Learning Lessons Online Course using these tactics:

• Oral practice of the Arabic alphabet

• Games with Arabic words

• Pictorial demonstration of Arabic letters

• Dialogue delivery

• Tracing of Arabic letters especially for children

• Visual presentation of various lessons and much more.

• The objective of adding these technical activities is to modify the skills of the learners at the beginner level and to make the course interesting for them.

Learning materials and notes with the best Online Quran Academy

• We have made every effort to make Quran learning for beginners very convenient and accessible by providing them with recorded lesson files and details about Noorani Qaida and Noor al bayan.

• The availability of learning materials is to ensure that beginners and children can listen to lectures and revise their lessons at frequent times. This will help you memorize the lessons. The test sessions at the end will help you assess your learned material.

Providing a certificate after completing this online Quran course:
• All beginners admitted to our online Quran for beginners will be tested on the learned Quranic knowledge on a weekly and monthly basis.

• In order to fully involve the learners, we organize competitions among them where they will be motivated and determined to learn the Quran better.

• All students enrolled in the course to learn the Quran will obtain a certification that has international recognition and can be added to your CV.

• The Quran Courses Academy has developed a special protocol to reward diligent students of this specific course. They will receive cash prizes and honors for their hard work and many other amenities.

Join the Best Online Quran Aacadmy With Affordable Fee Structure:

• We have built an extremely economical pricing structure for our Quran Online Learning for Beginners. Providing user-friendly and easy-to-pay payment methods is our priority.

• Beginners who clicked on The Quran Courses Academy can also take advantage of the discount offer if you and your siblings join the course simultaneously.

• We also offer flexible discount policies for our families.

• After comparing our course fee structure with other leading platforms, you will know that we have offered you top-quality Quran learning and understanding lectures at an affordable price.

• Another positive factor of our course is the group lessons. The rate for our group lessons is extremely low up to $ 3 per hour, beginners are strongly recommended to use the course at this rate.

Special attention for kids and adults to learn to read the Quran:

• Teaching the Quran to beginners, especially children, is a sensitive step and requires special attention to lead them in the right direction. Therefore, The Quran Courses Academy has added a Noorani Qaida online course to amplify the whole Quran learning process for beginners.

• We have put together the Quran Online Course Package for Beginners in a way that will give your children successful results after completing the lessons. They will attain mastery, mastery, and mastery of Quranic recitation.

• To help you excel or strengthen your Quranic recitation and understand our Quran learning plan online courses start from basic lessons and move on to advanced lessons.

Special training classes of the Noorani Qaida online course for kids:

• The stage at which children begin to learn the Quran requires a special diet to teach them to read the Quran word for word throughout their life. We have introduced special techniques to prepare the children’s basics for the Noorani Qaida training session.

• By learning Noorani Qaida with the Best Online Quran Academy, we will teach you the following features:

• You will learn variations of exercises for reading the Quran

• You will learn the basics of Islam

• You will learn the recognition of Arabic letters in varying sounds and shapes

• You will learn the basic rules of tajweed

• You will learn Makharij of the Arabic alphabet.

• You will have access to a professional Noorani Qaida tutor through Zoom.

• You will learn tajweed for beginners and quickly become proficient.

• You will learn the rules related to non-vowel Meem, non-vowel midi, and long types like “Mudood”. This will add a noticeable improvement in the level of recitation.

Two free trials before starting the Best Online Quran Academy

Learn Quran Online for Beginners Course has been designed in such a way as to provide learners with potential benefits.

• The Most Effective Quran Teaching Course for Beginners will provide you with 2 free online Quran learning trials for kids and beginners to satisfy you with our quality services.

• The essays consist of two variable teachers who will guide you to learn the basics of the Quran in their own versatile style and methods.

• Learners are free to choose any of the teachers to continue this course.

• Our online Quran courses for children and beginners have also recruited female tutors to deal with gender specificities. You are therefore completely free to choose the tutor you want.

Special benefits of taking Quran classes with the best online Quran Academy

Learn to read the Quran with us! As we have put together some golden opportunities for you that will help you stay motivated and learn to read the Quran correctly. The following mentioned the additional special benefits of using online Quran education for children and adults with the help of our best online Quran academy:

• Out Best Online Quran Academy has oriented student profiles specific to each student. These personal icons will help you put all the information together in one forum. It includes payment history, recorded lectures, announcements, and all other course-related information aligned with the student dashboard.

• The availability of these student dashboards will help you improve your productivity and analyze the progress of your course.

• The flexibility to adjust an appropriate fixed time

• Parents Monitor access while maintaining the safety of children.

• There is no need to leave your home and you can learn the Quran from the comfort of your home.


Is it possible to learn to read the Koran in 2 months?

Yes, it is possible to learn to read the Holy Quran in 2 months if you have acquired the knowledge of Arabic alphabets from an early age and have opted for teaching the Quran for beginners in our Online Quran Academy.

When Should I Start Learning Quran Online for Kids?

The standard time for each child to start learning the Holy Quran or register for online Quran learning for kids varies depending on their mental ability and caliber. Although the average age to start teaching Quran to children is 4 to 5 years old.

The best time to get your child to listen to the Quran is when they start to recognize the world around them.

Do you offer online courses to learn to read the Quran verbatim?

Yes, in our specially designed Quran Learning Online Course for Beginners, we guarantee word-for-word reading of the Holy Quran for every registered beginner.

Is it possible to organize an online Quran course for beginners and kids anytime?

Yes! This is possible with our attractive online Holy Quran course for beginners and children and it is one of the outstanding services that we provide you with 24/7 tutoring service.

Are there discount offers for families?

Yes, there are great discount offers available for siblings and family members. If siblings from the same family join the session, we offer a clear reduction in their fees.

What are you waiting for?!
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