do muslims circumcise

Do Muslims circumcise?

Circumcision is a surgical procedure in which the foreskin of the penis is removed. It is a common practice in many cultures and religions, including Islam. In this essay, we will explore the role of circumcision in Islam and examine whether Muslims are required to circumcise their children.


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The history of circumcision in Islam:

Circumcision has been practiced for thousands of years, and it has been mentioned in many ancient texts, including the Bible and the Qur’an. In Islam, circumcision is seen as a sign of faith and an important rite of passage for boys. It is typically performed on boys between the ages of seven and thirteen, and it is often seen as a way to mark the transition from childhood to adulthood.

The origins of circumcision in Islam are not clear, but it is thought to have been introduced to the Muslim community by the Prophet Muhammad. According to some accounts, Muhammad was born circumcised, and he instructed his followers to follow his example. In other accounts, Muhammad is said to have received a revelation from God that circumcision was a requirement for all Muslims.

Regardless of its origins, circumcision has been an important part of Muslim culture and tradition for many centuries. It is considered a way to demonstrate one’s commitment to Islam and to follow the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad.

The importance of circumcision in Islam:

There are several reasons why circumcision is considered important in Islam. Some of the most common reasons include:

  • Health benefits: Some studies have shown that circumcision can reduce the risk of certain health problems, such as urinary tract infections and sexually transmitted infections. In Islam, circumcision is seen as a way to protect boys from these health issues and to promote overall physical well-being.
  • Cleanliness: In Islam, cleanliness is considered a virtue, and circumcision is seen as a way to maintain cleanliness in the genital area. It is believed that removing the foreskin can help prevent the accumulation of bacteria and other substances that can lead to infections.
  • Religious requirements: As mentioned earlier, circumcision is often seen as a requirement for Muslims. It is believed that God has commanded Muslims to circumcise their children as a sign of their faith. For many Muslims, this belief is a key reason why they choose to circumcise their children.

Do Muslims circumcise their children?

While circumcision is considered an important practice in Islam, it is not mandatory for all Muslims. Some Muslims choose to circumcise their children as a way to follow the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad and to demonstrate their commitment to Islam. Others may choose to circumcise their children for health reasons or to maintain cleanliness in the genital area.

However, there are also many Muslims who choose not to circumcise their children. Some may argue that circumcision is not necessary for health reasons or that it is not mentioned in the Qur’an as a requirement for Muslims. Others may argue that the decision to circumcise should be left up to the individual, rather than being imposed by religious authorities or cultural norms.


In conclusion, circumcision is an important practice in Islam that is often seen as a sign of faith and an important rite of passage for boys. While it is not mandatory for all Muslims, many choose to circumcise their children as a way to follow the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad and to demonstrate their commitment to Islam. However, there are also many Muslims who choose not to circumcise their children, and the decision to circumcise is ultimately a personal one that is based on individual beliefs and values.


Do Muslims circumcise? Many Muslims and non-Muslims question the ruling on circumcision in Islam.

Therefore, in this article, we will discuss whether Muslims are circumcised.

Circumcision means, in the language, the cutting of a specific part.

But in Islam and the language specifically, it means cutting off a specific part of a particular organ in the body.

Do Muslims circumcise?

Do Muslims circumcise? But Islamic scholars differ in the ruling on male and female circumcision.

Male boys are circumcised sometime after they are born so that their penises appear.

But about females, Islam has prohibited female circumcision due to the bad psychological and physical condition of the girl subjected to female circumcision by a doctor.

Male circumcision ruling

do muslims circumcise

Some sayings differ from the ruling on male circumcision in Islam, but the verdict on male circumcision differs from that of female circumcision in Islam.

Islam forbids female circumcision, which causes many damages and misfortunes that she continues to suffer throughout her life after the circumcision.

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The first rule of male circumcision in Islam.

The first ruling is that male circumcision is a confirmed Sunnah and is from the Hanifa and Maliki school of thought.

These sects have proven their ruling that circumcision is a Sunnah, which is the hadith of the Messenger of God; may God bless him and grant him peace.

It is said that the instinct is five or five from the instinct: circumcision, haircutting, clipping the nails, plucking the armpits, and trimming the mustache.

That is why circumcision is mentioned in the recommended things, making it one of the confirmed Sunnahs in Islam.

The second rule is that circumcision is an obligation.

The Shafi’is and the Hanbalis distinguished it.

They proved their judgment that our master Ibrahim was circumcised and that the Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace, commanded Muslims to follow the religion of Abraham, peace be upon him.

They also spoke about the piece removed during the circumcision process, ridding the person of impurity and making him pure.

female mutilation

Female circumcision is carried out by specifying an interview with a specific doctor.

The girl goes to the doctor to remove an outer part of the external female organs.

Which also leads to deformation of the rest of the organs and the external shape of the female genital organ.

This process works to leave adverse negative effects on the girl’s memory and negatively affects her everyday life and her sexual life after marriage.

Although female circumcision has been prohibited, many African countries are still working on female circumcision as a natural process as if it were a religious or cultural ritual that cannot be changed.

How is female circumcision performed?

About Do Muslims circumcise: The process of female circumcision in more than one way differs according to the part that is excised from this area.

Girls from birth to 15 years of age are subject to circumcision at any time of this age.

Most of the operations performed for female circumcision cause many continuous damages that the girl continues to suffer from and suffer throughout her life.

Most people who perform female circumcision operations are incompetent and young people and do not have enough medical information to carry out such operations.

Which makes them make a lot of good mistakes and distort the shape of the genitals of women.

Do Muslims circumcise is performed in some places without an anesthetic, which makes the process difficult for the girl in pain and by using a mousse that is not sterile.

All these factors help the emergence of the problematic damage suffered by the girl.

The effects of circumcision on the girl

When we talk about Do Muslims circumcise, we mention its disadvantages and disadvantages, except for female circumcision.

It does not have any features that make it a debatable topic.

Female circumcision is one of the worst crimes parents commit against their girls.

About Do Muslims circumcise: They circumcise her at a young age, which results in many destructive operations associated with the girl on the day of the process.

Among the most common damages:

  1. The intense pain that the girl continues to feel from the day of the operation to the last day of her life.
  2. It is difficult to have sex during marriage because of the destruction and pain you feel when practicing it.
  3. Many and frequent infections in a short time due to the operation.
  4. This process also leads to problems with urination, which may affect the girl with urinary retention and incontinence.
  5. With the psychological damage that affects the girl’s life, the girl becomes severely depressed.
  6. And also, remember this memory, which is one of the worst memories in a girl’s memory.
  7. This process also threatens the girl’s ability to have children and give birth later.

Complications of the crime of female circumcision

do muslims circumcise
do muslims circumcise

Do Muslims circumcise: This operation and crime do not only affect the life of the girl, but in most cases, it works on the occurrence of harmful complications that the girl continues to suffer from throughout her life.

God created girls somehow, and the creation of genitalia exists in some way.

With the circumcision, this area is wholly deformed, which affects the girl’s life later, and she loses her ability to have sex and causes many complications.

Among these complications:

  • Constant pain that does not stop.
  • Tissue tumor of the genitals of the girl.
  • Having different problems with urination and urination.
  • Infections occur.
  • Loss of desire for sex.
  • And the shock that the girl suffers from.

In this article, we have talked about Do Muslims circumcise and we have talked extensively about all the information related to this hadith.

We have mentioned the most important provisions related to male circumcision in Islam.

We also talked about female circumcision in the name and its wisdom and impact on girls’ lives.

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