hand signal for satan

hand signal for Satan

hand signal for satan…Muslims should know that satan is the anointed one who desires to destroy humanity, and they should use all means at their disposal to resist his onslaught. Muslims are also obligated to stand against any conspiracy theories or false religions that promote lies about God and His prophets. This article will outline what is hand signal for satan.


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What is  hand signal for satan?

hand signal for satan is the most prevalent among the youth, because they are the most popular group for music of all kinds, some consider this sign not good, and it expresses Freemasonry, so some people avoid using it, but most of its use is during rock and metal parties, and when searching About the origin of this sign.

we found the support of some people, that it is a sign that expresses the worshipers of Satan, and we found that it was used in the Buddhist religion to remove evil and negative energy, so Buddha believed that this movement expels demons from anywhere, and in some countries such as Brazil and Colombia And Italy, Portugal and Spain, this movement symbolizes a completely different meaning, which is the person’s unfaithful wife.

What every Muslim should know satan

Muslims should be aware of satan, the principle antagonist of God and His prophets. He is a powerful force that directs evil towards humanity and tries to deceive people into following his false beliefs.Satan’s primary goal is to get people hooked on sin so they can’t resist him or find true happiness and joy. To achieve this, he uses lies, deception, violence, envy, hatreds—and any other means possible.

  hand signal for satan from Muslims perspective

First of all, it is necessary to understand that the  hand signal for satan to remember that the oldest language is the sign, which is the principle of simple discussion in its depth. As for the answer to the meaning of the hand sign (the picture), it refers us to its origin, “the reason for its descent” and the event or situation that contributed to its dissemination as a term for a meaning in a time circumstance a certain.

Many narrations indicate that this sign is called in the English language (ILY Sign) and combines the first three letters pronounced in the English language “i” and its corresponding in the Arabic language “I”, followed by the letter “el” which is an abbreviation for the word LOVE and corresponds to it in Arabic “I love”,

hand signal for satan
hand signal for satan

and the letter remained The last Y (way), which is an abbreviation for the phrase “you, you, or you”, and it corresponds to the Arabic pronoun in this phrase as an explanation of the full meaning (I love you / you / you), and a group of scholars and researchers base this reference on “the language of American signs” and specify the date of their use in the year 1905 AD.

and infer their widespread spread in the United States of America and the world, during the period of their use by the presidential candidate in the country of Uncle Sam (America), former President Jimmy Carter, after his victory in 1977 in the presidential elections He met a group of deaf people and they made this sign with the fingers of the hand in his face. In major newspapers and magazines The United States of America, the signal has spread widely.

The accursed Satan refused to prostrate to Adam, when God commanded him to do so, although Adam learned from God what no one knew. On Adam even in the arrangement of pronouns… But is Satan really one of the group of angels?

Satan was created from fire

hand signal for satan:And before Ibn Katheer stopped in “The Beginning and the End” at the door of the creation of the jinn and the story of Satan, and said in it, God Almighty said in Surat Al-Rahman: “Create man from clay like pottery * and created the elves from Marj * and the fires are from you.

” Mujahid, Al-Hassan, and more than one “from what goes out of fire” they said: From the side of the flame, and in a narration from its pure and best, and in what Muslim narrated: “The angels were created from light, and the jinn were created from fire, and Adam was created from what was described for you.”

satan was an angel

Many scholars of interpretation said: The jinn were created before Adam, peace be upon him, and Al-Suddi mentioned in his interpretation: “When God finished creating what He loved, He took the throne, and placed Satan on the king of the world, and he was from a tribe of angels called the jinn.

but they were called the jinn because they The treasury of Paradise, and Satan was with his king as a treasurer, so he fell in his chest, but God gave me this as an advantage for me over the angels.”

Many of the tales about Satan in Islam are attributed to Ibn Abbas, who said, “When the jinn corrupted the earth and shed blood, God sent Satan to them with an army of angels, so they killed them and expelled them from the earth, to the islands of the seas.” He also said: “It was The name of Satan before he committed the sin Azazel.

and he was one of the inhabitants of the earth, and one of the most diligent angels, and the most knowledgeable, and he was from a neighborhood called them Jinn, while Ibn Abi Hatim narrated, on the authority of Saeed bin Jubayr, that Satan “was one of the most honorable angels of the first wings The four.

” And all of this was confirmed by Ibn Juraij, quoting from Ibn Abbas, “Iblis was one of the noblest angels, the most honorable of his tribe, and he was the custodian of the heavens, and he had the authority of the heavens of the world, and he had the authority of the earth.” And from what Ibn Abbas also said that “Satan used to prey on what between heaven and earth.”

satan punishment

hand signal for satan is forbidden for Muslims, When Satan violated the command and objected to the Lord Almighty, and made a mistake in his saying, and moved away from the mercy of his Lord, and was lowered from the rank that he had attained by his worship, and he was like the angels, and he was not of their kind because he was created from fire, and they are from light, so his nature betrayed him in the most needy What was to him, and returned to the origin of the fire.

Yes, the result was that Satan was brought down from the supreme assembly, and what he used to inhabit was forbidden to him, so he descended to the earth, despicable, humiliated, humiliated, defeated, threatened with fire, he and those who followed him from among the jinn and mankind.

Of course, Satan did not easily accept the command to expel him from the kingdom of God, so he thought and plotted to take revenge on the man who was the cause of everything that happened to him.. But this is another story.

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