is believing in zodiac signs a sin

is believing in zodiac signs a sin?

is believing in zodiac signs a sin? The zodiac signs are one of the most common beliefs that people have about astrology. Some people believe in zodiac signs while others do not, but why do certain people believe in zodiac signs and others do not? This article will explore the reasons why you should not believe in the zodiac signs based on the religion of Islam. If you’re a fan of astrology and think it has something to offer, then you’re probably a believer of zodiac signs. However, if you’re not, then you may think that there’s no point in reading this article. But, don’t worry, you’re not the only one who has been wondering about the zodiac signs and their meanings. Even many Muslims have been wondering about whether they believe in zodiac signs or not. In this article, we will explore the reasons why you should not believe in zodiac signs based on the religion of Islam.


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what is Astrology?

Astrology is the study of the motions and relative placements of celestial bodies with the interpretation that they have an effect on human affairs and the natural world. [1] According to historian Emilie Savage-Smith, astrology (ilm al-nujm, “the science of the stars”) was “by far” the most popular of the “numerous practises attempting to foretell future events or discern hidden things” in early Islamic history.

Is believing in zodiac signs a sin: historical background

Is believing in zodiac signs a sin ,Despite Islamic restrictions, some mediaeval Muslims developed an interest in the study of the apparent motion of the stars. This was partially because they regarded celestial bodies as necessary, and partly because desert people often travelled at night and depended on knowledge of the constellations for navigation. Following the advent of Islam, Muslims needed to determine the time of prayers, the direction of the kaaba, and the proper orientation of the mosque, all of which lent a religious impetus to the study of astronomy and contributed to the belief that the heavenly bodies had an influence on both terrestrial affairs and the human condition.

Is believing in zodiac signs a sin in Islamic law

Islamic law, the Quran, Hadith, Ijma (scholarly consensus), and Qiyas (analogy) all provide the framework for Islam’s position on astrology. The notion is further separated between what is halal (authorized) and what is haram (forbidden) (forbidden). All Islamic groups and scholars adhere to the Quran’s and Hadith’s prohibition against astrology.

As with Christianity and Judaism, Islam prohibits fortune tellers and extols true sciences. Surah Al-Maida of the Holy Koran states, “Forbidden also is to use arrows seeking luck or decision; all that is disobedience of Allah and sin” Quran 5:3. The important issue in this situation is the application of astrology. Is it employed to identify advantageous moments in our lives or as an assisting vocation in the social and psychological sciences? Astrology, according to certain Sufi thinkers (Islamic Mysticism), may be permitted in Islam since it is neither an illusion nor a demonic activity. Rather than that, astrology is founded on statistical information, which pushes individuals to do more study and get a better understanding of the human situation.

is believing in zodiac signs a sin
is believing in zodiac signs a sin

Is believing in zodiac signs a sin:phrophets

According to Islamic traditions, each prophet was endowed with a variety of miracles. Prophet Idris, also known as Enoch in the Old Testament, was endowed with an abundance of knowledge on celestial sciences. In comparison to current science, he had a more sophisticated understanding of astronomy. Some Sufi sects regard him as the inventor of the science of the stars, also known in Arabic as “ilm al nujum” His birth in Babylonia and subsequent journey to Egypt are documented in historical documents. Additionally, history confirms that astrology originated in Babylonia and eventually moved to Egypt. Prophet Idris was said to be the first individual to teach humanity about the impact of cosmic rays on living organisms. Meanwhile, we should bear in mind that the majority of Islamic scholars would dispute this perspective. Additionally, it is thought that he created the groundwork for science and philosophy, which benefitted ancient Greek thinkers.

Is believing in zodiac signs a sin: ilm al nujum

It is necessary, however, to distinguish between ilm al nujum and astrology. While they both include celestial objects and their effects on humans, they are distinct in important aspects. Prophet Idris’ research may have incorporated the universe’s stars and some intricate system requiring complicated calculations. Perhaps this is why people refer to astrology as the influence of stars, despite the fact that in modern horoscopes, the celestial objects occur inside our solar system, with the sun as the only star. In that respect, Prophet Idris’s profound scientific understanding on stars was very certainly lost to history.

Why is believing in zodiac signs a sin according to Ialam?

is believing in zodiac signs a sin:

Zodiacs Are Based on Human Imitations

Many people might say that the zodiac signs are based on human imitations. If you look around, then you will see that there are more than twelve months in a year and the sun travels a different path every day. It is not possible to make up a set of events in order to match exactly with the 12 signs of the zodiac. Moreover, if we were to believe in astrology, then it would be impossible for one person to have the same personality as another person’s sign. So, by believing in astrology, you are saying that all humans have identical personalities even though they come from different backgrounds and cultures.

Zodiac signs are only based on human judgment

is believing in zodiac signs a sin?

First, zodiac signs are only based on human judgment. Although it’s true that the zodiac signs have been around for centuries, they were not created by a deity or a prophet. They were created by humans who believed in astrology and thought that there was some type of order in how people were born. Astrologers thought that there was a pattern to how the sun and stars affect earth’s affairs and the lives of human beings on it. So, they came up with the idea of interpreting these patterns and interpreting those patterns into something that can be understood by humans. However, this is not what an Islamic perspective thinks about astrology. In Islam, no one should believe anything just because someone tells them to believe it or because they think it has some sort of divine order behind it. Instead, they should only believe things if they have evidence to support them or if there is a rational explanation for why something could be true.

Zodiac signs are based on people’s birthdays

One of the reasons why you should not believe in zodiac signs is because they are based on people’s birthdays. The zodiac signs are a way to understand human behavior and personality based on when a person was born. They say that the sign of a person’s birthday predicts their personality and how they will react in certain situations. This idea is deeply rooted in Christianity, where astrology originated from. However, it has been disproven by Islamic scholars who have gone through centuries of research to find the true purpose behind the zodiac signs. Many Islamic scholars have said that the zodiac signs are nothing more than pagan beliefs that originated from ancient times and that there is no scientific evidence for them. In fact, this idea has even been found in Islamic texts, such as “The Holy Quran” and “The Hadith.”

There is no proof that the zodiac signs are real

There is no evidence that the zodiac signs are really real. There are no scientific studies or peer-reviewed papers that prove that the zodiac signs are real. The idea of the zodiac signs was first introduced by Greek thinkers like Aristotle and Ptolemy, but there is still controversy about whether it’s actually a hard fact or not. The belief of astrology is just too strong to be true. It’s so ingrained into society that people don’t even question whether it’s legit or not, which makes it difficult to disprove. Zodiac signs were never mentioned in the Quran, which means that Muslims should not believe in them either.

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