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Quran Memorization Course Online

Quran memorization course – we are a teaching company of the Quran from Egypt. most of our Quran and Arabic tutors are studied at Azhar University plus they are native Arabic speakers. So, it is easy for them to understand and teach Quran and tajweed and which make them qualified to teach Quran and Arabic properly.


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learn Quran online

How to memorize the Quran online?

memorizing the Holy Quran is a spiritual and physical project. It is a miracle and a blessing of Allah that you are able to absorb the Quran. If you want to take advantage of this blessing, you should be able to receive it and, therefore, strive physically to achieve it and strive spiritually to obtain the maximum benefit in this world and in the world below. We know how a student goes verse by verse gradually leads to the final destination.

Procedure to memorize the Quran online:

1- New memorization (new lesson)
-This is the amount of the new lesson you will memorize every day.

2- Newly memorized portion (Sabaqi)
-This is the number of verses from the Holy Quran that you have memorized in the past 20 to 30 days. This part is very important, it will determine if the verse you have memorized will be solid for your life or not.

3- Old memorization part.
This course is organized to help those who want to be Hafizeen of the Koran. Our program is for those who know very well how to read Arabic, who are fluent in Arabic and who read it with its different movements easily.

Quran Memorization Course

Memorizing the Quran involves both mind and heart. When the two work together, then can we memorize the Quran. The mind incorporates techniques, and the heart brings reverence for memorization. The main factors necessary for effective memorization of the Quran are:

Hifz Quran Tips

Sincerity:The first element that must be present to fully memorize the Quran is sincerity. When you are sincere about memorizing the Quran, only then do you measure yourself with the attention to the lessons and therefore you will memorize it. You must sincerely believe that the Quran is the conditional release of Allah, and your attempt at memorization is nothing but an effort for the blessings of Allah Almighty. You also have sincere intentions, you have motivated for the efforts needed to memorize the Quran.

Consistency:The other factor of increase without which learning or memorizing something is impossible, let alone memorizing the Quran is consistency. If you are not consistent, you will not be able to memorize anything. Therefore, in order to memorize the Quran, you must be consistent with your approach and take new ones and revise the old teachings. The more coherent you are, the better you will memorize and progress in your Quran lessons.

Timings: In addition to the consistency factor, you must allocate a special moment or different times of the day to memorize the Quran. Therefore, it does not matter if you memorize the Quran in the morning, evening, or after each prayer, you must make sure that this particular moment is devoted to memorizing the Quran and daily. Therefore, before you engage in a Quranic memorization period, sit down for a moment and see the time that suits you best in your routine, given this period to memorize the Quran only.

Familiarity: When it comes to memorizing the Quran, you need a particular Mushaf to familiarize yourself with the images of the Quran. The use of a single Mushaf ensure that memorization is assisted by pictorial memory, thus helping you to better memorize the Quran.

Atmosphere:Another important thing about memorizing the Quran is the atmosphere in which you memorize the Quran. In order to memorize the Quran, you must memorize it in an isolated place and where all your attention is on the Quran and nothing is there to distract your attention.

Repetition: There is no magic trick to memorize the Quran, so all you need to do to memorize it is to repeat your lesson, and once you move on to the next lesson, memorize- the with the previous lesson. Therefore, there is no shortcut in memorization and you have to work hard and keep repeating your lessons.

Meanings: Another thing that can help better memorize the Quran is to memorize it with the help of meanings. For an Arabic speaker, memorization is easy because he / she is familiar with the meanings of words. Therefore, for a non-Arabic speaker, the best way to memorize the Quran is to understand the meaning of the words that are memorized.

Listening Recitation: In addition to giving a special time to the memorization lesson, another tip that can actually help memorize the Quran is to listen to the recitation of the lesson you are trying to memorize. When you continue to listen to the same ayahs again and again, it is only natural that you begin to memorize it. Therefore, have the recitation of verses recorded in your iPod and continue to listen to them.

Finding a partner: Another good way to memorize the Quran is to find a partner with whom you can memorize the Quran. You and the partner can help each other by asking the other person to listen to your recitation, so you can both memorize your lesson every day. Therefore, find a partner and memorize with him.

Prayer Recitation: The most effective way to use your memorized lesson is to recite it during prayers. You must recite part of the Quran during the prayer, so what better option can there be then to recite the lesson during prayer, thus helping you to perform the prayer and memorize the Quran at the same time.

Conclusion: In short, memorizing the Quran is one of the highest honors a Muslim can have; Therefore, following the advice above can help a Muslim in this holy cause.

May Almighty Allah give us every chance to memorize the Quran as much as possible. Ameen !!

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