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Surah Nisa benefits


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  1.  We know that the instructions concerning the distribution of the inheritance of the martyrs This Surah include several discourses that were revealed on different occasions during the period probably between the end of AH 3 and the end of AH 4 or the beginning of AH 5. Although it is difficult to determine the exact dates of their revelations, It is possible to assign them a fairly correct period using the Commandments and the events mentioned therein and the Traditions that concern them. Some examples are given below about Surah Nisa Benefits for illustration: and the safeguarding of the rights of the orphans was sent after the battle of Uhud during which 70 Muslims were killed. So naturally, the question of the division of the inheritance of the martyrs and the safeguard of the rights of their orphans arose in many families in Medina. From this, we conclude that vv. 1 to 28 were revealed on this occasion.
  2. We learn from the Traditions that the command over salat during the war was given on the occasion of Zat-ur-Riqa’a, an expedition that took place in AH 4. From here we conclude that the speech containing v. 102 was revealed on this occasion.
  3. The last warning (v.47) to the Jews was given before the Banu Nadir were exiled from Al-Madinah to Rabi’-ul Awwal.
  4. From this, we can conclude that the discourse containing v. were revealed sometime before that date.

The permission of tayammum (performing ablutions with pure dust, in case there is no water) was given during the Bani-al-Mustaliq expedition, which took place in AH 5 So the probable period of the revelation of the discourse containing v. 43 was AH 5.

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Let us now consider the social and historical considerations of the period in order to understand the Surah. All the speeches in Surah Nisa benefits deal with three main problems confronting the Holy Prophet at that time. First, he was engaged in the overall development of the Islamic community that had been formed at the time of his migration to Al-Madinah. To this end, he introduced new moral, cultural, social, economic and political means in place of the pre-Islamic elders. The second thing that occupied his attention and his efforts was the fierce struggle with the Mushrik Arabs, the Jewish clans and the hypocrites who opposed tooth and nail to his mission of reform. Above all, he had to spread Islam in the face of fierce opposition from these evil powers in order to capture more and more minds and hearts.

As a result, detailed instructions were given for the consolidation and strengthening of the Islamic community as an extension of those given to Al-Baqarah. Principles for the smooth running of family life have been established and methods of resolving family conflicts have been taught. Rules were prescribed for marriage and the rights of the wife and husband were distributed equitably and fairly. The status of women in society has been determined and the declaration of orphan rights has been made. Laws and regulations have been established for sharing inheritances, and instructions have been given to reform economic affairs. The basis of the Penal Code was established, alcohol consumption was prohibited and instructions were given for cleanliness and purity. Muslims have learned the kind of relationships that good men should have with their Allah and their kind. Instructions were given for the maintenance of discipline in the Muslim community.

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The moral and religious condition of the people of the Book has been revised to teach the lessons to Muslims and warn them not to follow in their footsteps. The conduct of the hypocrites has been criticized and the distinctive features of hypocrisy and true faith have been marked to allow Muslims to distinguish between the two.

To cope with the aftermath of the Battle of Uhud, inspirational speeches were issued urging Muslims to bravely confront the enemy, as the defeat in the battle had so encouraged the Arab Mushrik clans and the neighboring Jews and the hypocrites at home they threatened the Muslims on all sides. At this critical moment, Allah filled the Muslims with courage and gave them the necessary instructions during this period of war. To thwart the scary rumors spread by hypocrites and low-faith Muslims, they were asked to thoroughly investigate them and inform the people responsible for them. Then, they had some difficulty in offering salat during the expeditions to certain places where there was no water to do their ablutions, etc. In such cases, they were allowed to purify themselves with pure earth and to shorten the salat. “Salat of Fear” when faced with danger Instructions were also given to solve the confusing problem of Muslims scattered among the disbelieving Arab clans and often involved in the war They were invited to migrate to Al-Madinah, the abode of Islam.

This Surah also deals with the case of Bani Nadir who displayed a hostile and threatening attitude, despite peace treaties they had concluded with Muslims. They were openly on the side of the enemies of Islam and hatching plots against the Holy Prophet and the Muslim community even in Al-Madinah itself. They were attacked for their hostile behavior and gave one last warning to change their attitude and were eventually exiled from Al-Madinah because of their misconduct.

The problem of the hypocrites, which had become very troublesome at that time, implied the believers in the difficulties – they were therefore divided into different categories to allow the Muslims to treat them appropriately.

Clear instructions were also given regarding the attitude to be adopted towards non-belligerent clans. The most important thing at that time was to prepare the Muslims for the fierce fight with the opponents of Islam. For this purpose, the greatest importance was attached to the construction of their character, because it was obvious that the small Muslim community could only survive if the Muslims were of a high moral character. They were, therefore, enjoined to adopt the highest moral qualities and were severely criticized whenever a moral weakness was detected in them.

Although this Surah deals mainly with moral and social reforms, special attention has been paid to the spread of Islam. On the one hand, the superiority of Islamic morality and culture has been established over that of Jews, Christians, and Mushriks; on the other hand, their bad religious conceptions, their bad morals, and their bad actions have been criticized to prepare the ground to invite them to the path of Truth.

Surah Nisa Benefits

Now, we will discuss Surah Nisa benefits | The main purpose of Surah Nisa is to teach Muslims ways to unify a people and make it firm. Introductions for the stability of the family, which is the core of a community, have been given. Then they were invited to prepare for the defense. Besides these, they have been taught the importance of spreading Islam. Above all, the importance of the highest moral value in the Community’s consolidation scheme was impressed.

The first thing of Surah Nisa Benefits starts here, Fair, just, and equitable laws and regulations for the smooth running of family life have been established by husband and wife. Detailed instructions have been given for the distribution of estates and the rights of orphans have been duly taken into account. 1 – 35

To inculcate the good spirit for respect of the rules and regulations, Muslims have been invited to show generosity to all those around them and to be free from malice, selfishness, and greed, as this is essential for the consolidation of communities. and useful for the spread of Islam. 36 – 42

The ways of purifying the spirit and body for the Salat offering were taught because they play the most important role in all projects of moral and social reform. 43

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After a moral preparation, instructions of defense were given. First, Muslims were warned against the cunning machinations and vile practices of local Jews who were hostile to the New Movement. This warning was necessary to eliminate a possible misunderstanding that might have occurred due to the pre-Islamic alliance between the people of Al-Madinah and the Jews. 44 – 57

So they were enjoined to place their trusts and trusted offices in the care of honest and qualified people, and to do what is right and right, and to obey Allah and His messenger and those of them charged with of the conduct of their affairs. to turn to Allah and His Messenger for the settlement of their differences. As such an attitude and behavior alone can ensure consolidation, they have been strongly warned that any deviation from this pathway would lead to their disintegration. 58 – 72

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After this pre-requisite, they were urged to prepare for the defense and to fight valiantly for the cause of Islam, without showing any kind of cowardice or weakness. They have also been warned to be on their guard against hypocrites. A line of demarcation has been drawn to distinguish intentional shirkers from powerless devotees. 73 – 100

Here again, instructions were given for the offering of Salat during the current military campaigns and battles. It is to impress the importance of Salat even at the moment of fear and danger. 101 – 103

Before moving on to the next topic, Muslims were urged to persevere in their fight without showing any kind of weakness. 104

To make the Islamic community firm and strong for defense, Muslims have been urged to respect the highest standard of justice. Muslims are required to exercise strict justice even in the case of the enemy, with whom they might be involved in the war. They should also settle disputes between husband and wife with justice. To do this, they must keep their beliefs and actions free of all forms of impurity and become the standard bearers of justice. 105 – 135

Resuming the theme of defense, Muslims have been warned to be on their guard against their enemies. They were exhorted to take the necessary precautions against the machinations of the hypocrites and unbelievers and people of the Book. As belief in Allah and Revelation and Life after death are the only safeguard against all types of enemies, they should sincerely believe and follow His Messenger, Muhammad (peace be upon him). 136 – 175

Although this verse also deals with the family laws contained in verses 1 to 35, it was added as a supplement at the end of this surah because it was revealed long after An-Nisa was recited as a complete Surah. 176

Finally, we finished Surah Nisa benefits but actually, no one can finish Surah Nisa benefits!

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