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The importance of Surah Al-Rahman:

Surah Rahman benefits as it is the great surah of the Quran in which we find solutions to all the diseases and difficulties of our routine life. This sura consists of 78 verses and it is “Madni”. Imam Ja’far as-Sadiq (A.S.) said that the recitation of this Surah on Friday after the prayers of dawn bears the great reward.

Surah Rahman benefits hadith

Surah ar-Rahman suppresses the hypocrisy of your heart.
If Surah Rahman is recited during the day, an angel keeps the story till sunset and if it is recited at night, Allah Almighty sends an angel to keep next to you until you wake up.
Writing it on the walls of the house avoids all sorts of household problems. Imam Ja’far as-Sadiq (a.s.) said that a person who recited Surah al-Rahman and died is considered a martyr. It also cures eye disorders.
Allah would have mercy on the rector of Surah Al-Rahman on the day of judgment and if a person who writes this surah and keeps it with him, all his problems are solved.
Surah Rahman will come to us as a handsome human on the day of judgment.
To obtain all kinds of benefits, the status of a martyr and the forgiveness of Allah; Recite the prestigious Surah Rahman every day.

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Surah Rahman benefits for marriage

Many people recite Surah al-Rahman for the marriage of their daughters with the help of Allah Almighty. So, now I’m going to tell you about how to recite this Surah Rahman for the marriage.

Recite Drood-e-Pak (to say peace be upon prophet Muhammed) 11 times, Surah Al-Rahman, 11 times, then again Drood e Pak

(to say peace be upon prophet Muhammed) 11 times. You must recite this way every day. Surah Rahman should be recited in the same place at the same time. Insha-Allah within 21 days, your daughter will marry with the grace of Allah.

Surah ar Rahman for patients:

Surah ar-Rahman is the best solution to all of your problems and diseases, including depression, sugar, cancer, blood pressure, and diabetes. I refer to recite Surah Rahman therapy to control anxiety levels of a person, usually in order to improve daily functioning. To listen, Surah e Rahman heals the wounds of a person’s soul.

Cancer, diabetes, hepatitis C, kidney disease, heart problems and other disorders can be cured by listening to this blessed Surah Al-Rahman. All the chronic diseases faced by the many patients in the world can be lost by listening to Surah Rahman of the Holy Qur’an. When SHIFA (health) of Allah Almighty will certainly be granted, your belief should be strong enough.

Thus, anyone facing a chronic illness such as cancer should listen to Surah Rahman every day for a few days. He/she will definitely get rid of this disease. Barriers to marriage, employment problems, health problems, family conflicts or other problems can be solved by listening to Surah Al-Rahman. However, believe that Allah Almighty cures your illness, for he is the only one to make such decisions concerning life and death.

Listening to Surah Rahman


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