There is a lot of controversy about the permissibility of vanilla extract or not, is it halal? Is it forbidden? In this article, we will explain the truth

Is The Vanilla Extract Halal?

Is the Vanilla Extract Halal?

Between two opinions, let’s get to the truth

There is a lot of controversy about the permissibility of vanilla extract or not, is it halal? Is it forbidden? In this article, we will explain the truth


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There is a lot of controversy about the permissibility of vanilla extract or not, is it halal? Is it forbidden? In this article, we will explain the truth

What’s the Vanilla Extract?

Vanilla extract is an industrial solution used in many, if not all, sweets, baked goods, ice creams, perfumes, and pharmaceutical product
It is made by soaking vanilla pods in a solution of ethanol and water.

Vanilla Extract is the one of the top three most expensive spices in the world, after saffron and cardamom

It contains many additional flavoring compounds, although the main flavor compound is vanillin, and these compounds are responsible for its complex and deep flavor.

However, it is worth noting that despite this, the artificial vanilla flavor consists only of synthetically derived vanillin, and any pure vanilla flavor must be manufactured because there is no other way to make it pure and colorless.

Is the Vanilla Extract healthy?

The uses of The vanilla extract and its components are the most preoccupied people, but one of the potential health benefits of it are:

1. Rich in Vanillin

It is a phenolic compound found in vanilla extract ;And vanillin has many properties, including:

        • Antioxidants
        • Anti-inflammatory.
        • anticancer
        • neuroprotective effects
        • Natural vanilla extract is extracted from many compounds in addition to vanillin, but industrial vanilla is extracted only from vanillin, so it has different health benefits than natural vanilla extract.

2. It has anti-oxidant

        • The Vanilla extract contains ingredients with antioxidants that protect against cell damage
        • In 2020, studies were conducted that confirmed that vanillin protects against oxidative stress
        •  in 2021, studies were conducted on elderly mice that phenylalanine protects against age-related damage such as liver damage and oxidative damage.

3. May have anti-inflammatory properties

        • Inflammation is an essential part of the immune response, but despite that, chronic inflammation can be due to health problems and lead to chronic diseases, and eating foods that contain antioxidants protects against this,

especially eating vanilla extract, as it contains substances that have strong antioxidant effects such as vanillin.

        • In 2018, studies were conducted on rats to promote obesity, as they were given a high-fat diet, but vanillin reduced the damage, reducing the signs of inflammation and tumor alpha.
        • In 2017, another study was also carried out on mice and found that vanillin reduces inflammation of the skin in psoriasis and cell damage associated with inflammation.
        • However, there is no definitive study that taking vanilla and vanilla extract protects against inflammation in humans,(human research is lacking) as the experiments used concentrated and not pure materials.

4. Beneficial for brain health

        • Some research has shown that some compounds found in  the vanilla extract, such as vanillin and vanillic acid, may support the health of your brain, nerves, and nervous system.
        • In 2021, research was conducted that proved that vanillic acid protects against neuronal inflammation and Alzheimer’s, protects against memory impairment caused by neurotoxin, and has a role in neuroprotection.
        • But it is not clear if taking vanilla extract as part of a normal diet has an effect on the human brain

5. Helps reduce added sugar intake

        • Vanilla extract in foods and beverages helps reduce the intake of added sugar.
        • In 2020, a study of 129 young men found that adding the scent of vanilla to sugary drinks enhanced their sweetness.
        • In the same year, a study was conducted on 112 children, adding vanilla to milk-based sweets reduced their overall sugar cravings in more than 80% of the participants.
        • Also in 2021, low-sugar yogurt when mixed with vanilla did not affect its sweetness
        • That is, adding vanilla to sweets may reduce the need for sugar, and this helps a healthy diet, as sugar is the white poison

6. useful for the heart

        •  Studies have shown that it can reduce cholesterol levels in the blood

7. good for hair

        • It treats split ends or hair loss when used as an essential oil that stimulates blood flow to the scalp and promotes hair growth.

8. treat anxiety

        • The strong scent of vanilla has a calming effect

9. Reduce acne

        • As it is anti-bacterial, vanilla can help fight breakouts and lighten skin

10. Promotes healthy digestion

        • It treats other digestive problems such as cramps, stomach pain and diarrhea.

Is the use of the vanilla extract halal or haram? Knowing that it is extracted by soaking in alcohol

There is a lot of controversy about the permissibility of vanilla extract or not, is it halal? Is it forbidden? In this article, we will explain the truth

The Islamic religion is always keen on the interest and health of the human being

And out of our keenness as Muslims to follow his instructions, we are keen to beware of everything, whether it is Halal or Haram
And since drinking alcohol because it intoxicates the mind is forbidden in the Islamic religion, so the question arose

(Is vanilla extract halal or haram?)


So some opinions came to believe that the vanilla extract is Haram, as it is done by soaking the vanilla sticks in alcohol, and the alcohol will intoxicate and it is forbidden to eat it.

But there is a completely opposite opinion; which is that it is one of its components and not the only one, and the vanilla extract when used is used as droppers, and thus it has nothing to do with intoxicates

But The Islamic fatwa was finally decided

The Islamic fatwa finally had its say

If it is proven that it is prepared as follows by soaking it in an amount of pure alcohol, or if the percentage of alcohol in what it is soaked in is so great that it can lead to intoxication.

It is HARAM when it comes into contact with what it is soaking in, and it is not permissible to use it at that time

If the percentage of alcohol in the one in which the vanilla is soaked is so small that it is not imaginable intoxication, then there is nothing wrong with using it.(in this time it is HALAL)

With this, We will be aware of all aspects of the subject, and the Fatwa will have fulfilled its purpose and ended the controversy that existed


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